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The Pygmalion Effect

In the year 8 A.D. the Roman poet Ovid completed his masterpiece, Metamorphoses.  One of the characters in Ovid’s epic is Pygmalion, the legendary king of Cyprus who was also a sculptor.  Pygmalion carved a statue of a beautiful woman out of ivory, and he named her Galatea. 

Handling Confrontation

If you are a manager who is uncomfortable with confrontation, you have plenty of company.  Many fine managers wish they could avoid it.  I hope this article will help you become more comfortable when confrontation is necessary.  However, my goal is not to persuade you to enjoy confrontation, but to see it as an opportunity to make things better.  Embrace it as a way to achieve resolution on issues that cannot be resolved any other way.

Lead Your Team Into the Zone

When you’re in the zone, you’re in that blissful state of mental clarity where everything seems simple and easy.  You can do no wrong.  You’re in your highest state of performance, because you have no mental interference inhibiting your natural ability.  Your mind is relaxed, so it is able to focus more clearly and intensely on the task at hand.  It is totally empty of any mental clutter that could prevent you from reaching your full potential. 

Motivational Leaders Past and Present

When recalling motivators from the past who provided life-changing positive influence, many people will honor a special school teacher or sports coach.  What did this teacher or coach offer that inspired such profound motivation?  Let’s look at some of the expressions of gratitude we might hear, and how we can apply these insights to provide motivation and positive influence to those we lead.

“She believed in me.”